Why I’m rebooting my personal blog

Hello, my friend! I'm glad that your interest in my upcoming personal blog has brought you here.

When I started writing in 2017, I had a simple goal: to prove to myself that I was creative.

Over time, I discovered that writing was a skill I could sell to clients.

Then I realized that writing was a skill I could use for myself!

Writing became an instrument for not just making money but making a living.

Fast forward to today, and my writing is still what powers the business – but that's the rub:

My writing has become a business.

I love my business. I love what I'm building with Creator Science.

...but I miss having an aimless creative outlet.

There are many ideas I've started writing or WANTED to write but put on the shelf because, ultimately, I didn't think they were helpful to the average Creator Science reader. They didn't fit in the Creator Science wrapper – and, as a business, I need to produce things that are helpful.

So instead of stifling my natural creative impulses and beating my inner artist into submission, I'm giving him a new outlet.

And not just in writing – the blog itself is an outlet for my creativity. Right now, I'm working on the design of the website. Once that's done, I'll share the first essay with you, which will be focused on my changing relationship with ambition.

Thanks for your interest. Thanks for your patience.

There's nothing more you need to do – you're on the list.

I hope you enjoy it.

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