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What is Creator Science?

Creator Science helps people succeed as professional content creators – and I'm talking to professional creators like you who have figured out how to make that work. Past guests include James Clear, Tim Urban, Tori Dunlap, Codie Sanchez, and more.

It's a high-production, narrative-interview show on the HubSpot Podcast Network with ~1.5m downloads. It won a Signal Award this year and has been featured on Apple Podcasts, Castbox, Stitcher, and Pocket Casts.

We also produce full videos for some of our interviews:

About Our Audience

Our audience is aspiring and professional creators.

They are also mainly US-based.

Here is a demographic breakdown:

Recording Tips

Join using your computer
We record using Riverside, which does not support mobile phones. Chrome browser is recommended!

Come camera ready
We record in both audio AND video.

Use a professional microphone if you have one
If you have a USB or professional microphone, that would be fantastic. If you don't have a microphone, please use corded headphones with a microphone if possible (AirPods/Bluetooth as a last resort)

Find a quiet room
Background noise is the enemy of a good recording. If you have kids or a dog that might be barking, please find a room where they are not. Acoustics are really important for good audio so this would be much appreciated.

Wear headphones
Please wear headphones for the recording, as the platform we use natively records the audio. If you use your computer speakers, the software has to do “echo cancellation” post-processing, which makes the call sound like we're using Zoom.

Turn off notifications
To stop any unwanted sounds or distractions during the recording, please turn off your notifications.

Close other apps
Lots of apps open can cause the quality in the recording to drop, as they might be taking up some of the processing power required by the recording software. Close things if you can!


I use for our podcast recordings. It works just like a Zoom call, but if you feel like familiarizing yourself further, you'll find this video helpful.

Your call-in link is in the calendar invite!

Making A Remarkable Episode

Here are some pointers on how we can make this episode stand out.

Tell stories
Listeners love to hear stories and examples to illustrate a point. The best stories are relevant and exciting.

Go behind-the-scenes
Listeners love to have access to things they can't get elsewhere. Anything behind-the-scenes will do very well!

Share something new
It's likely that you do a lot of interviews. This interview will be a great introduction (and nudge) for people to listen to MORE of your interviews. To make that experience great, try to find something new to share in this interview that you haven't shared much (or ever) before.  

Keep the audience in mind
You're on the show because you've built something amazing. I will do my best to prevent myself from being a fanboy, but it's BOTH of our responsibility to make sure what we're sharing is helpful for the listener.

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