Fathom Analytics

Understand your website visitors without spying on them by using Fathom Analytics. You get all the data and knowledge you need to use your website to generate leads and revenue.
Fathom Analytics
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How I use it

I recently installed Fathom Analytics on my websites. I'm such an analytical guy, but I've never been good at Google Analytics. And some of my tools (Ghost for my website, Podpage for my podcast website, Teachable for my courses) have basically no built-in traffic analytics.

This is so lightweight, privacy-focused, and insightful.

Feeling really, really empowered to increase traffic and conversion on important pages + digital products. Thought you all might enjoy it too.


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Written by
Jay Clouse
I'm the founder of Creator Science. Through its newsletter, podcast, membership, and YouTube channel, Creator Science helps you become a smarter creator.

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